RFID Laundry Management Solutions

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is reshaping the industry of professional laundry services, by breaking the current rules and setting new quality standards.

KTS RFID…from problem to solution

The Problem with the usual business model …


The Problem

  • limited control over the process and textile items
  • human errors
  • low quality of services & no indicator for quality
  • lack of transparency in the reporting to the client

 the need for real integrated laundry management



Looking for solutions …



the Solution… it’s all about the IDENTITY of the textile items



Integrating RFID into the value chain



Upon value chain integration ID Textiles become SMART Textiles




Redesigning the business model…


…into a superior business model



Real integrated management of textile items


KTS-RFID, a driver for business intelligence
in laundry management



Driver for Business Intelligence




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