A new tool for Laundry Units and Rental Centers to reach the Airbnb market –  24 Linen out now!

We are glad to announce that a new member entered the KTS family. 24 Linen – Powered by KTS RFID is out now and ready to help Laundry Units and Linen Rental Centers grow their business and align with the latest trends in the hospitality market.

Lately, the Aparthotel and Airbnb market segment has become more and more popular when it comes to accommodation units. Thus, many businesses emerged in this sector, yet no solution to cover their linen maintenance needs was developed. This is because, for laundry units, clients with small linen quantities needs were of little interest, due to the issues raised regarding logistic costs, scheduling collections and deliveries, pricing, human resources, and so on.

But, by considering that no customer should be left behind we created a professional tool, fully digitized and automated, that solves these issues and allows Laundry Units and Linen Rental Centers to approach the Airbnb market segment by supplying linen at their customers’ convenience, through 24/7 self-service, without human assistance.

24 Linen is based on a system made up of software and hardware components, becoming a complete solution, easy to implement, and used by both industrial laundry units/linen rental centers and their customers.

The distribution of clean linens, as well as the collection of soiled linens to/from customers, is carried out by placing Distribution Units (DU), fully digitized and automated, capable to supply clean linens and collect soiled linens from customers, without human assistance.

24 linen

24 Linen Benefits

The tool we developed comes with great benefits both for the Supplier (Laundry Units, Linen Rental Centers) and for their Customers (Aparthotels, Airbnb, villas, etc.), among which we mention:

  • Driving down costs for the Supplier by freeing up human staff, logistics, and labor costs
  • 24/7 available self-service – convenience for all parties involved
  • Increased profit
  • Full control over the linen, in real-time, online
  • Improved planning
  • Extended linen lifetime and reduced waste
  • Optimized processes,
  • Streamlined supply chain operations
  • Competitive price rates for customers
  • Better budget management
  • Elimination of in-house laundry routines for customers.

Therefore, you can now expand your business and grow your customer portfolio easier than you thought.  Read more about 24 Linen by clicking the button down below!