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About us

Our company was founded on the positive evolution of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) research and development carried out from starting with 2009 up to the present.

We are specialized in developing and implementing complete textile management solutions for professional Laundries. Our solutions imply textile management based on the unique technology of identifying textile items through smart RFID tags, as well as through Barcode labels.




We developed these solutions due to the fact that today, the unique identification of industrial textiles, such as linen for hotel units, hospital-specific textile articles, or workwear, has become a necessity.

The ability to identify each textile item is the key to controlling the textiles’ flow between Customer and Laundry. Identification is the basis for traceability and accurate and objective statistical reporting. This creates the premises for automatic billing based on data collected from the KTS RFID Hardware System, without subjective intervention and subjected to human errors.

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The first tests on the application of RFID TAGs to textiles going through multiple wash cycles and finishing processes began back in 2009. We then continued with intense design and implementation of Software and Hardware solutions that use data obtained by electromagnetic field reading of RFID TAGs attached to textiles. In this way, the reception and control of all textiles in Laundry, as well as the delivery of clean textiles to customers, are automatically and without human intervention ensured.



Premiul Global Best Practices Award 2016, acordat de CINET  

Sustainability and Innovation Model

In 2014, the company set up the first Professional Laundry in Europe having its activity fully controlled by RFID microchip technology, Kromatic. The Laundry is now integrated in Salesianer Miettex GmbH Group.

International recognition occurs in 2016 when the Laundry is ranked No. 8 worldwide in terms of business sustainability generated by RFID technology deployment. At the same time, the second world ranking for our solution in terms of innovation was another achievement of our activity.

The rankings were carried out by the world’s largest professional organization of Professional Laundries, CINET (the International Committee of Textile Care), through an international jury.

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