A complete RFID solution for textile management

An ALL IN THE BOX solution

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KTS RFID readers


An application designed for textiles management of Industrial and Commercial Laundry Units of small and medium washing capacity,

as well as of On-Premises Laundry Units that are internal to the companies/institutions they serve.

KTS Cloud for Laundry uniquely identifies textiles on their sanitation flow in the laundry. Textiles can be processed without taking into account their origin or affiliation, but only the composition of materials, colors, and type of textile item.

After processing, the textiles’ selection can be done manually or automatically, depending on the business model of the laundry (Nominated or Pool).

KTS Cloud for Laundry guarantees the increase of the efficiency of the laundry activity, as well as the considerable reduction of the costs with the utilities and the labor force.

The quality of the professional textiles renting and sanitizing complete services is evaluated by the quality of washing, the shortest possible delivery times, as well as by ensuring the correct traceability of the textiles. KTS Cloud for Laundry is the tool that any laundry unit needs to improve the quality of the services offered.

How does KTS Cloud for Laundry work?

All the textile articles are identified with KTS original RFID Laundry tags.

Textiles in circulation between Laundry Units and their clients are read in established points, such as:
• Laundry Unit – Reception, sorting & grouping and deliveries;
• Clients – Collection & deliveries.

Data collected by the KTS RFID readers in these established points, and synchronized with the Cloud, are processed by the KTS Cloud Application, and specific reports are released to the users.

Reception, delivery, and inventory reports are available in real-time for the Laundry staff, as well as collection and delivery confirmation at the clients’ site.

Why KTS Cloud for Laundry?

Among the benefits of the KTS Cloud RFID system, the most important are the following:

  • Automatic counting, without touching the items for receptions and deliveries.
  • Digital confirmation on client’s site for soiled textiles collections and deliveries of clean textiles.
  • Sorting and organizing the deliveries of textile articles by Client’s departments.
  • Cost savings in terms of Human resources.
  • The efficiency of the laundry activity – over 95%, achieved by optimizing the resources used on all phases of the sanitation process in the laundry.
  • KTS Cloud App for Laundry is provided with a system for eliminating errors and misreadings, the system being errorless.
  • Track & trace the textile articles in real-time.
  • Easy inventory of textiles for the customer.
  • Easy inventory of the entire textile stock available at the laundry.
  • Monitoring the textile articles’ level of wear, proper decisions can be taken regarding the acquisitions for stock refreshment.
  • Security: KTS Cloud App enables the security of textiles against thefts. This feature requires security portals to be installed on the access doors at the Clients’ site.
  • Quick installation with no major investments or IT&C knowledge needed.
  • KTS – the only responsible for all Hardware & Software components of the system, as well as for the proper functioning of the system.
  • The KTS team stands by you throughout both the implementation and post-implementation steps, through 24/7 monitoring of the system’s proper functioning and technical assistance through direct contact with our Customer Service office.