KTS RFID at JET Expo 2019: mission accomplished!

JET Expo 2019 in Paris

​ For three days, professionals of the Textile Care Industry, such as Laundry companies, Drycleaners, Launderettes, Rental services providers, etc, met in Paris, within JET Expo 2019, to disseminate the services and novelties of the industry. We’ve been part, as an exhibitor, in a great platform among over 50 other exhibitors…

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RFID – laundry management for superior ROI


In the laundry industry, textiles are assets. We know how difficult (if not impossible) it is to have an economic approach without the proper tools to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) for textile items. We have explained in the past posts how RFID works for laundry management, how it enables full and…

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RFID – enforced SECURITY for hotel linen management


Besides the operational efficiency or the importance of reporting transparency between a hotel and laundry provider, linen, bathrobes or towels theft is an issue that definitely needs attention, being a common headache. But what if the solution is simply applying RFID tags to the hotel textiles? What if you could avoid losing up to 20% of…

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RFID for superior reporting transparency in hotel linen management


When discussing about the benefits that RFID brings through its applicability in linen management, touching upon the impact on the operational efficiency of a hotel’s laundry management activity is only a small part of the picture. So let’s see how RFID enables full reporting transparency of the laundry activity, with many benefits for both the hotel…

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