DAC 300 RFID tag featured in the latest issue of Entretien Textile

ET_March 2020 issue

Garments and protective workwear equipment require special treatments at different washing and drying temperatures. The reason for this is to ensure good durability of the textile items and, nevertheless to provide their users with optimal protection. A recent study says that 80% of companies lack knowing the maintenance standards that apply to their clothes. Moreover, 98% of the users don’t know the maximum number of their protective textile items washing cycles.

As GEIST (Groupement des Entreprises Industrielles de Services Textiles) study reveals, more than half of the companies in this industry leave the maintenance of the protective personal equipment (PPE) to their employees. Therefore, several issues are resulting, such as ignoring the instructions for use, lack of information about the textile items. Unknown location for the workwear and the weak security of the textile articles are also problems arising from this.

DAC 300 tag- RFID Workwear  
DAC 300 – an ideal, highly resistant RFID tag for Workwear

Workwear and protective equipment need accurate monitoring of their maintenance conditions and washing cycles. For this, RFID tags come to help. Our engineers developed a UHF RFID tag suitable for the apparel industry, including workwear and protective personal equipment. DAC 300 (patent pending), is suitable for textile items identification, traceability, and anti-theft applications. Small and strong, DAC 300 comes with high reading accuracy in bulk. Unwanted RFID readings are eliminated by controlling the reading range of the tag. Moreover, the tag is very resistant to high temperatures and pressure. Also, its dimensions make it fit very easily in textile hems.

Also, important to say it is that this RFID tag is designed to meet the requirements of not only the workwear industry but also of industrial systems automation. DAC 300 combines the benefits of the old HF RFID tags with the ones of the newest UHF tags. This makes the transition from HF to UHF Systems easier.

We are happy that our friends at Entretien Textile featured our product in an interesting article on the maintenance of PPE, that it is worth reading. You can read more on this topic and about our DAC 300 RFID tag, in the latest issue of the magazine.

We share our knowledge and welcome your feedback. Stay tuned: more novelties in terms of RFID are coming soon!

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