RFID for superior reporting transparency in hotel linen management

KTS_Web_ReportsWhen discussing about the benefits that RFID brings through its applicability in linen management, touching upon the impact on the operational efficiency of a hotel’s laundry management activity is only a small part of the picture.

So let’s see how RFID enables full reporting transparency of the laundry activity, with many benefits for both the hotel and the laundry company.

What about transparency and real-time information in the Laundry-Client relationship?

One of the biggest problems in the relationship between a hotel and its laundry service supplier is the lack of reporting transparency and real-time information:

  • There are always differences in the linen you report at collection of dirty items and the linen the laundry says they processed and delivered.
  • You never know precisely: The total number of laundry items per collection, your active inventory, how nonuniform your linen rotate or how much that impacts their quality and aspect.

Altogether, the laundry activity needs a management approach to it, and ultimately, a well-developed reporting tool.


Superior reporting transparency with KTS Web platform 

The tool we developed, based on RFID, eliminates the human errors, significantly reducing the time and effort of your operational staff. At the same time, it offers transparent and reliable management information to both parties, in real-time! All you need is one click away, via our KTS web platform in the form of reports. Incredible as it may seem, you’ll be able to check your Active stock, Linen or towel theft detection, Actual usage, Collections, Deliveries and more, from wherever you are, whenever you need to – without your employees spending endless hours counting the linen or trying to pair the linen with similar aspect/ usage.


  • No more headaches with managing the active inventory – Accessing the dedicated web-report will provide live information about the number of all active items available in stock;
  • No more dilemmas on the actual location of textile items – Real-time monitoring of all textile items; location on the KTS web-platform, available at any time for both the client and the laundry company;
  • No more problems with the security and losses of items, no more subsequent misunderstandings and costs between the hotel and the laundry company – with an RFID security system on the hotel’s site , items are tracked and reported as stolen in real-time when leaving the monitored area, with the possibility to be recovered, all data being reported online;
  • No more question marks and uncertainty regarding the usage level and usage rotation of your linen stock – Online reports and graphs enable an optimum exploitation of the linen lifetime , as well as proper planning of future investments in the linen stock;
  • No more daily monitoring of documents for extra dirty articles retained in the laundry – A dedicated web report, providing real-time information is available at any time
  • No more problems, handwritten paperwork or mismatches in the collection of dirty/ delivery of clean items – RFID enables real-time reporting with relevant data about collection and delivery.


A real and efficient management of the textile items is needed by both hotels and laundry companies, however it is not possible without reliable and fast reporting. Our RFID solutions empower it! A laundry company can call these RFID – enabled benefits – superior reporting transparency. The hotel, may simply call it – freedom to focus on the main business.

This being only a part of a wide range of benefits enabled by RFID hotel linen management, in the upcoming posts we’ll further address: superior security and superior return on investment in linen stock.


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