KTS RFID Survey – Is the Laundry sector aware of the benefits of the RFID Technology?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) belongs to a group of technologies that automatically identify objects, collect data about them, and enter this data directly into computer systems with little or no human intervention. RFID methods utilize radio waves to accomplish this. The RFID Technology has been in use for a few years now and, according to a recent study, the total RFID market will be rising, from $11 Billion in 2018, to over $13 Billion in 2022. (See: RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2018-2028).

The growth in RFID applications across many industries – such as retail, healthcare, logistics and so on, has encouraged the adoption of this technology by more and more companies. It’s also the case of the Laundry Sector, where RFID technology can be a powerful tool when it comes to automating data collection and monitoring of textile items, reducing human error, enforcing security, cost controlling, superior ROI and more.

The ability to track and trace items through RFID could be said to be at the heart of effective linen management.  Furthermore, RFID data can also influence buying decisions and help to start discussions between laundries and customers as to how they can work together to solve problems such as linen loss or misuse.

At KTS-RFID, we have more than 10 years of experience in hardware and software solutions based on RFID and Barcode technology for the management of professional laundry business. But we are wondering – what’s the level of adoption of RFID Technology within the Laundry Sector? Is this industry aware of the benefits brought by RFID?

We want to see companies in our sector of interest growing their business and we believe that RFID brings real benefits for this. For this reason, we are currently conducting a survey across the industrial laundry sector, as we aim to understand the level of adoption as well as the awareness of this industry regarding the benefits brought by RFID to the sector. You are in the best position to help us find the answer by completing the survey below for less than 6 minutes.


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