New Year started with KTS RFID featured in Entretien Textile!

Our year starts with some exciting news! The 1st issue of Entretien Textile in 2020 features KTS RFID in an interesting piece of content on RFID technology as a tool for managing losses and deteriorations in the laundry industry. Also, you can read an article by the KTS team on how can RFID technology help controlling textile theft in hotels.


KTS on RFID in Entretien Textile  

KTS team on RFID technology for tracking textiles

Our team had a fruitful talk with the Entretien Textile editors in which we approached aspects regarding the use of RFID technology to manage textiles’ losses and deteriorations in the laundry industry. Having a strong background in this industry, our team shared its perspective and knowledge in RFID technology solutions as a useful tool for the management of the textiles in Laundry, Hotels, and Hospitals. Our RFID Project Manager, Aurelian Moraru, pledged for the importance of traceability in these sectors and explained how RFID and the complete solutions we developed based on this technology can help in this matter. We gladly invite you to check out the article published in the latest no. of Entretien Textile.

KTS RFID in Entretien Textile  

KTS RFID on managing the textile thefts in hotels

Besides talking about how RFID technology can be a tool for managing losses and deteriorations in the laundry sector, KTS RFID approached, in a separate article, the problem of managing the textile thefts in hotels. You can find out in the latest issue of Entretien Textile how the theft of textiles at hotels can be controlled and how our out-of-the-box complete solution, KTS Cloud, works in this matter.
KTS Cloud is an out of the box complete solution composed out of RFID tags and reading devices, and a dedicated software platform, which help you benefit from traceability, inventory, and security with no investment in computer networks, on-site servers, advanced ITC knowledge or purchase of licenses.


Entretien Textile is the most well-known information source for textile care professionals in France and one of the bests of its kind in Europe. The Entretien Textile team comes with relevant and unique pieces of content about the latest news and information in the sector. You might want to check out their work if you haven’t already done it! 🙂

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