RFID for superior operational efficiency in hotel linen management


How does RFID enable superior operational efficiency in hotel linen management?

Key phases of the relationship between a hotel and a laundry company – the reception of clean linen and the handover of dirty ones – are affected by human errors.

Despite staff’s best efforts to sort, group and count linen, the hotel’s report is rarely matching the laundry’s one. For a hotel, this can mean valuable staff blocked for a significant amount of time in a difficult activity, while errors cannot be eliminated. At the same time, the reception of clean items cannot be 100% verified, while linen can be mixed up between different hotels by the laundry company. In the end, the information in the paperwork is always different than the real handover/ reception fact.

We know all these problems are leading to misunderstandings or even conflicts between you and your laundry service supplier, and could also generate internal issues due to lack of linen in days when you work full-capacity.

RFID is solving all these problems by eliminating the human errors, significantly reducing the time and effort of operational staff, while offering transparent and reliable information to both parties.

  • No more manual sorting and counting – it all works automatically, easy to do by any hotel employee, 100% accurate, within few minutes.
  • No more mismatches at reception of clean linen – Clean items are read electronically and reported on the KTS web platform when leaving the laundry for hotel delivery (clean items can be 100% verified); delivery of clean items with an extra bar code on every package, for unique identification makes them very well organized and thus, easy to count visually; option to use RFID devices at hotel site for direct counting and identification of clean items delivered;
  • No more uncertainty and risk when preparing for peak occupancy periods allocation of the textile items (in the hotel or in the laundry) can be identified in real-time on the KTS web-platform.
  • No more slow decisions on linen stock management – better and faster decisions are now possible, as the active linen stock is monitored and reported in real-time in the “Customer Area” of the KTS web platform. No more handling of textile items on the floor or improper spaces, no more accidental soiling or damaging – linen can be changed without individual sorting and counting by the hotel staff. Dirty linen are placed directly into collection strollers provided by the laundry company and placed in the hotel’s available storage space. The laundry company easily takes over the sorting & counting work based on the RFID technology.

A laundry company will call these RFID – enabled benefits superior operational efficiency. The hotel may call it simply – the freedom to focus on its main business.

All these operational problems are generating hidden costs for a hotel, increasing the actual cost of your laundry service. Our RFID -based solution eliminates the hidden costs and delivers a better value for your money!  


This is only a part of a wide range of benefits enabled by RFID hotel linen management. We’ll explain many more our next posts: benefits of RFID in reporting transparency, security, superior return on investment in linen stock and more.

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