RFID – enforced SECURITY for hotel linen management


Besides the operational efficiency or the importance of reporting transparency between a hotel and laundry provider, linen, bathrobes or towels theft is an issue that definitely needs attention, being a common headache. But what if the solution is simply applying RFID tags to the hotel textiles?

What if you could avoid losing up to 20% of your textile active stock yearly, through the RFID anti-theft system? Let’s take an example:

The average of textiles reported as stolen from a hotel is up to 20% of its active inventory every year, as study on linen security ordered by a leading international laundry player reveals, regarding the hotel guests’ attitude to hotel linen theft.


A medium size, 4-star hotel, with an RFID security system recovered 90% of the items that were about to leave its premises and turn into losses and costs, saving up to € 20.000, in just one year!


But what happened to the other 10%? They were reported live on the security notepad as “theft intent” but the hotel representatives decided not to recover them. Thus, they were the ones to decide which textiles they wanted to recover and which they would let go, assuming responsibility and a certain cost.

Among the stolen and recovered items, over half were stolen towels and 22% were pillowcases! How could you recover such a large amount of items without a discreet yet efficient anti-theft system? Why discreet? It is small, pleasant to the eye, and it does not beep to put your clients in an uncomfortable situation – your security responsible is informed on his notepad and decides how to proceed.

KTS RFID – anti-theft solution

In order to identify and monitor losses, we need to monitor the linen location and active inventory. In order to completely avoid losses, we need a security system enabling us to spot in real time when linen leave the monitored hotel area – that is what the KTS anti-theft solution does.  

RFID is a tool that enables all these features while offering transparent and reliable information to both parties:

  • Identifying or recovering stolen items? Not a problem anymore – full monitoring of items by RFID antennas mounted in access points enable real-time highlighting of items that leave the monitored area and facilitate the online inventory check;
  • No more misunderstandings regarding lost linen – RFID enables transparent traceability of items, helping to understand location and responsibility for the loss;
  • Fewer questions regarding the location of linen or the active inventory – enjoy online reports such as textile location or active inventory, on the KTS web-platform;
  • No more lack of transparency, mismatching information or conflicts; Information is transmitted in real-time to our server, with live access to information on the KTS web-platform in “Customer Area”.

Linen security is a highly relevant topic for both the hospitality and laundry service sectors, increasingly acknowledged by leading international players. 

A laundry company can call this new RFID-enabled benefit – superior security for hotel linen management. The hotel may call it simply – freedom to focus on the main business.

All these operational problems are generating hidden costs for a hotel, increasing the actual cost of laundry service. Our RFID solutions enable the elimination of hidden costs and deliver better value for your money!

If you are interested in the superior ROI generated by RFID, stay tuned! The RFID technology has more surprises in store for you.


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