RFID Reading Gate

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KTS RFID Reading Gate

The reading gate we propose is designed to identify and record the RFID codes that identify textile items in large quantities, in a short time, and with very low reading deviations.

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The reading gate allows it to be traversed by industrial Laundry specific textile-carrying trolleys with a reading speed of at least 500 textiles per minute.

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KTS RFID Reading Gate is a product that has been tested for more than six years in the industrial environment, within Kromatic Miettex Laundry. It is built on an Inox structure, being protected on the inside with plastic panels. In this way, the product is easy to be maintained in professional laundries.

Measured Reading Performances

Poarta de citire RFID_ teste KTS

  • The carried out tests have involved several trolleys filled with dirty and/or semi-wet textile articles, on which the DAC100 Tags have been applied in advance, passing, several times, through the reading gate.
  • The textile articles were read by the RFID gate and then manually counted (one by one), the result consisting of under 1% reading errors.

Test period: 20.01.2018/00:00 – 19.02.2018/23:58

Total readings: 418.242 RFID Tags

No. Reading Errors: 3.533 RFID Tags

Reading Precision: 99.16%



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