RFID Tags for Laundries


DAC 300 

A KTS product for the apparel and laundry industry.
  • The DAC 300 UHF Passive RFID tag is dedicated to the apparel and laundry industry, including workwear, for textile items identification, traceability, and anti-thefts application.
  • High Reading accuracy in Bulk.
  • Reading performance – 40 tags per second.
  • Double Loop Antenna equipped (Promar Textil Industries WIPO patent pending).
  • Having an excellent form factor due to the double loop antenna, the new RFID TAG concept creates the premise of dimensional optimization, hence DAC 300 has the size of (37x15x1 mm).


DAC 100 

A KTS product for textiles’ identification in the laundry industry
  • The DAC 100 UHF Passive RFID tag is designed for the identification of textiles maintained in the Industrial Laundry;
  • Extremely robust and flexible, this RFID tag is resistant to repeated cycles of temperature, water exposure, detergents, water extraction mechanical forces, increasing the efficiency of electromagnetic transfer between the transponder and the UHF antenna.
  • Characterized by the uniqueness of the UHF double loop antenna which surrounds the transponder. This innovation, developed by our company, substantially increases the reading accuracy over a distance of up to 2 m with a reduced radiation power of the reader.

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