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DAC 100 – Passive UHF RFID Tag

After testing in production the existing versions of UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Passive Tags, we summed up all the technical inconveniences noted in operation. Here are some of them:

  • Destruction in the press using 40-60 bar level forces;
  • Damage in contact with the chest of the ironer when reaching temperatures higher than 200 C;
  • Water penetration in the microchip area after about 50-70 washing cycles by piercing the Teflon coating in which the TAG was protected;
  • The impossibility of reading the RFID code after 30-40 wash cycles. The destruction rate was 20%;
  • Low flexibility of the label compared to the textile material of the items to be identified, as well as creating textile material break lines on the perimeter of the RFID tag.
DAC100_tag UHF RFID Passive  

Our company’s research team has developed and patented a new version of UHF RFID Passive Tag, which was tested over 12 months in production at more than 500 wash cycles. The trade name of our TAG is DAC100 and the product is patented by WIPO.

Nowadays, our company produces this type of TAG with very competitive prices and immediate delivery.  DAC100 is a product tested and successfully used in the industrial environment at Kromatic Miettex Laundry in Brasov.


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