KTS for NOMINATED Services


The textile items are dedicated to a specific client. In Laundries using the nominated system, textiles collected from the client must be returned after cleaning to the SAME client. It is not allowed to mixt the textiles between clients.

Textile Items_TUG_thumbnail


Textile items for general use (TUG) have a group addressability. TUG Category includes: hotel linen, textile items dedicated to restaurants, soft inventory specific to hospitals etc. KTS identifies these textiles with the help of smart RFID Tags.

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Textiles for Individual Use include uniforms and workwear whose unique identification and Laundry-Final Client are essential. In TUI category, KTS identifies the textiles with the help of Barcode labels and it online reports, on the KTS Platform, essential information for an efficient management (ex: textile items' history, location, textiles' usage level etc).

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