Textile for General Use

Textile articles for General Use (TUG) are used by a group of users. TUG category includes hotel linen, textile items dedicated to restaurants, soft inventory specific to hospitals etc.Circuit-textile_Nominated-TUG_KTS-RFIDHighlighting and proving the traceability of textiles in their Customer-Laundry circuit requires their unique identification.

KTS uniquely identifies each textile item with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags.

By using this identification method, KTS objectively controls the take-off of dirty textile items from clients, as well as the delivery of clean textiles without the need for manual counting.

Reading labels equipped with RFID microchips by the Laundry and/or Clients’ installed antennas is the basis for compiling reports that can be accessed online on the KTS Reports Platform. A comprehensive set of reports (inventory, level of usage, location etc) are available to managers for complete business control.

This system is implemented within the Salesianer Miettex GmbH Group at the a Kromatic Miettex Laundry from Brasov:

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