Textiles for Individual Use

Workwear is part of the individual textiles category (TUI). For this reason, their unique identification, together with highlighting the traceability between laundry and the end-user is essential. Workwear pass through a circuit having the following locations:


KTS identifies the uniforms with bar code labels. This code allows the traceability of workwear from their first to their last use, as well as generating important reports such as the location of the textile article, the hygiene status, the unpainted value of the article, and even more.

KTS enables collecting the dirty workwear, mixed both between users and, later in the Laundry, between Clients.  After cleaning the textiles, KTS controls their matching on the user, locker, section, and customers, the distribution of clean workwear being made in special distribution lockers. These lockers are placed on clients’ sites, comprising individual locations where the access is personal based on individual keys.  

KTS reports online, on the KTS Reports platform, the history of each textile item along with its location. Access to the reporting platform may also be allowed for Laundry’s clients.

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