KTS for POOL Services

KTS – POOL System

The textile items are not dedicated to a specific client. Running textiles will be delivered to clients from the current stock. Dirty garments collected from customers return to the Laundry to be cleaned. After cleaning, they will reintegrate the stock from the current stock. Thus, deliveries to clients are completed from the existing stock.


The main advantage of this business model is that deliveries to Clients will respect the number of textiles required by Clients, the delivery time being very short and uninfluenced by the length of the textiles’ cleaning process. 

KTS - POOL Services

Textile articles for General Use on the POOL Services model ensure the minimum amount required by the client on days set in a week. Clean textile items are delivered from a Laundry Logistics HUB. The textiles are designed to be used by several clients and are not dedicated to a single (specific) customer.

This category includes hotel linen, textiles for restaurants, soft inventory specific to medical units etc


Emphasizing and proving the traceability of textiles in their circuit between Client and Laundry requires their unique identification.

KTS uniquely identifies each textile item with smart RFID – Radio Frequency Identification- tags.

KTS, by using this identification method, objectively controls the quantities required by the customer to be delivered during the week, according to the established delivery schedule.

By reading the textiles by the RFID antennas placed in the reception area of Laundry, internal delivery orders are immediately generated from the logistics textile HUB having textile articles in the same quantity and quality as received. In this way, the minimum amount necessary for the Client is assured.

Reading the labels having RFID microchips by Laundry and/or Client -installed antennas is the basis for compiling reports. Such reports can be accessed online on the KTS Reports platform. A comprehensive set of reports, such as inventory, usage level, location and so on, are available to managers for complete business control.

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