RFID Consultancy
1. Initial Consultancy

With the first meeting, you will be able to identify the opportunity to use our solutions in your business. You will get in touch with advanced technology through a specialized presentation organized by our RFID Development & Design team.

2. Feasibility Study

At this stage, a customized feasibility study is being carried out for you. We always take into account the current type of textile management applied in the Laundry and we propose the optimal RFID version, according to Laundry’s specific activities. Based on this feasibility study we will also perform a personalized Cost-Benefit analysis for you. This analysis is meant to help you decide the appropriateness of implementing the project.

3. Implementation

According to a plan that includes the implementation stages, building the needed Hardware structure in order to operate the new RFID technology-based textile management system is intended. Also, the Software applications will be installed on the developed Hardware structure. 

Meanwhile, the entire team will assimilate and strengthen their knowledge of the procedures and working instructions for a consistent operation of the new KTS solution.

4. Training

Concurrent with the implementation phase, we provide specialized training for the new KTS system. Once with the Software and Hardware solutions implementation, your staff will be able to use the KTS system under the guidance of our support team.

5. Post-Implementation Assistance and Maintenance

After implementation, we provide support and maintenance through our Customer Support Service.

6. Online Support

Our team provides all necessary technical support, both by remote control and on-site displacement in special cases.