We bring together RFID Hardware and Software products and capabilities as complete RFID solutions

for the successful identification and traceability of textiles.

We help businesses in different areas such as Hospitality, Healthcare, and Laundry industry to achieve successful textile management.

Simple. Reliable. Connected.

  • Our solutions rely on the RFID technology, and they start with the identification. For this, starting with 2012 we put a lot of effort in developing and producing the right tool that can benefit even the harshest work environment. Thus, we designed RFID tags which specifically meet the unique needs of businesses who deal with textiles that need to go through laundry processes.
  • As automation became a must, we continued to innovate and brought next to the RFID tags we produce, all the other components (fix and mobile RFID readers and software applications) for a simple, reliable, and errorless RFID system.
  • Our software applications are based on Cloud technology, this helps our customers to avoid massive investments in IT&C resources – be it infrastructure or human resources.
  • We like to keep things simple so that the complete solutions we provide come with immediate installation, with no need for advanced IT&C skills.
  • We enjoy making our customers happy, so they can benefit from the 24/7 monitoring and technical support we offer (online and on-site).