KTS Cloud

A complete RFID solution
for hotel textile management

An ALL IN THE BOX solution

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An application designed for textiles management of hotels,

accommodation units, leisure centres, and SPA units whose textile articles are maintained in external laundry units.

KTS Cloud for Hotels uniquely identifies the hotel textiles, their location, traceability, inventory is done in real time. Access to all this information is available online.

KTS Cloud for Hotels, through the Security module, monitors the use of textiles in a permitted area and guarantees the recovery of hotel textiles that leave this area (the missing textiles).

How does KTS Cloud for Hotels work?

The textile articles are identified with KTS original RFID tags.

Create an account in the KTS Cloud App

Use the KTS RFID readers to scan the textiles

Why KTS Cloud for Hotels?

  • No manual counting of textiles required.
  • Extremely short processing times.
  • Accurate information on textile items. Know where your textiles are at any time.
  • Inventory by RFID scanning: Easy. Fast. Reliable.
  • Monitor the textile articles’ level of wear. Make the right acquisitions regarding stock refreshment.
  • Improved security for your textile items.
  • Real-time online reports.
  • Quick installation with no major investments or IT&C knowledge.
  • 24/7 monitoring and technical assistance (in-App chat and direct contact with our Customer Service office).

KTS Cloud for Hotels in 5 minutes

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KTS Cloud for Hotels benefits

  • Ready to go.
  • No need to invest in servers, PCs, network or IT&C knowledge.
  • Fast, Stable, Confident.
  • Errorless system.
  • Increased transparency = improve your customers’ satisfaction.
  • Control and evidence of waste.
  • Calculate your cost-efficiency and ROI with high accuracy.
  • Full warranty for the functionality.